Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Forex trading?
Simply put when you buy or sell Forex you are buying or selling currencies. You might buy EURUSD which means
you think the Euro with rise in value compared to USD. What makes it fun is you don’t need to understand it
in order to trade because you can use trading robots which automate the trading.

What is a Forex MT5 Expert Advisor?
It is a piece of software that trades Forex automatically basically a trading robot.

Are your Expert Advisors, or EA’s. easy to use and do you need trading experience?
Our MultiPro and Infinite Advisors are made with beginners in mind. The user interface is minimal and the
setting are easy to understand

Why use FNG Expert Advisors compared to our competitors?
Our EA’s do not use dangerous recovery systems; we only allow one trade one per currency pair and each trade has
a preset stop loss which prevents you from wiping out an account.

Are your EA’s FIFO compliant?
Yes our MultiPro line and Infinite line are FIFO compliant.

Do I need a credit card for free trials?
No credit card is required

Do I need a Forex trading account?
Yes you need a MT5 Forex broker account.

Is trading Forex safe?
When people start Forex trading they usually lose money by making easily avoided mistakes. Our goal is to
provide you the tools that will help lower your risk. That being said there are always significant risks in
Forex trading that’s why we recommend you start small and with a good Expert Advisor like MultiPro.

If I have problems with activation who do I contact?
You can message us on our landing page or email us

How long does it take to activate my purchased license?
It can take up to 12 hours but most of the time it is instant after purchase.

How long does it take to activate my 30 day trial license?
Activation can take up to 12 hours. If you have been waiting or think there was a mistake please message
us via landing page or email us